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Understanding Automated Underwriting and How It Impacts the Mortgage Application ProcessWhether you’re embarking on the process of obtaining a mortgage for the first time or just preparing yourself for the advances in the industry, the implementation of automated underwriting in recent years has significantly changed the application process. From the time you’ll have to wait to the documentation that is required, here are some of the details on what you can expect when dealing with an automated underwriter.

Reduction In Document Requirements

In the past, most home buyers submitting mortgage application documents were required to go into their backlogs to provide the pay stubs for the previous 2 months pay, as well as W2’s for the last 2 years. Now, with automation, most home buyers will only need to submit their most recent pay stub in order to move along to the approval process.

The Time Line Is Shortened

Since the loan approval process previously had to go through an underwriter, there was a delay between when the documents could be reviewed and approved, and how long it would take for this information to be passed on to the home buyer. However, since a Findings Report is automatically created from the applicable data during the automated process, the timeline home buyers have to wait is shortened considerably.

Approval Rates Are Improved

Previously, approvals that were completed by an underwriter were held to a standard that was made up of a person’s financial health and credit report, so having one and not the other could lead to a declined application. Due to the fact that automated approval is based on the degree of the deciding factors, home buyers who previously may have been turned away have a greater chance of approval.

A Useful Bargaining Tool

While most home buyers have identified their ideal home before getting too involved in the application process, automated underwriting actually enables those who want to apply to get approval prior to deciding on a home. Instead of being an expenditure of time, this can actually be a good bargaining chip when it comes to putting in an offer on the right home.

With the advances in technology and the ever-shifting real estate market, there are many changes on the mortgage market that are important for future home buyers to be aware of. Fortunately, there are many advantages to the automation of underwriting that can offer great benefits to those going through the application process. If you’re applying for a mortgage soon, you may want to contact Terry or Nonie for more information.

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